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Nonprofit organization--Science Accessibility Net
A support network of the accessibility of scientific information for visually impaired people
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1. Activity

Science Accessibility Net (sAccessNet) is a nonprofit organization to support people with print disability, such as visual impairment or dyslexia, in scientific fields. We hold every two years a jump-to-science summer camp (Jamanese site) to encourage visually impaired highschool students leaning science, and are making school textbooks / science books in accessible formats in braille and multimedia DAISY: (Japanese site).

2. Software development and release

sAccessNet cooperates with the research group "InftyProject" to develop software to assist people with print disability and also the people/organization who support them. So far we have released three software applications below:

1. InftyReader (Latest release: Ver. on May 1st, 2019)

This is OCR software to recognize printed document and PDF in scientific fields including mathematical formulae and tables, and to output the results in various formats: LaTeX source, MathML, IML, as well as in HR-TeX (Human readable TeX) for the blinds. (Japanese version outputs also in Japanese Braille). IML is a XML notation of mathematical document proper to the editor InftyEditor and ChattyInfty.
For more information about InftyReader and download, please click HERE.

2. ChattyInfty (Latest release: Ver.3.2.3 on May 12, 2019)

ChattyInfty is an editor of math documents with voice output, usable by visually impaired people. Not only ordinary texts, but also math expressions can easily be input and edited using only keyboard, with simultaneous speech output of symbols and math structure with key operations and cursor movements.
It is developed by adding speech output interface to "InftyEditor" below, using of Microsoft speech API., SAPI5
Using ChattyInfty Ver.3 series, the edited results can be saves as audio books such as Multimedia DAISY, iBook for iPad, in addition to all the output formats available by InftyEditor.
For more information about ChattyInfty and download, please click HERE.

3. InftyEditor (Free software. Latest release: Ver.3.29 on May 12,2019)

InftyEditor is an authoring tool of mathematical documents, very easy and smooth to input mathematical expressions.
Using InftyEditor, you can input any math expressions keeping your hand on the HOME Position of your keyboard. The input math expressions are displayed immediately in the form of printing style as you usually see in books. InftyEditor has a strong Online Help of command names or syntax to input math expressions based on LaTeX. Thus, InftyEditor can be used also as a Learning Tool of LaTeX, for the beginners of LaTeX. The documents written in InftyEditor can be saved in different formats: XML of InftyEditor, LaTeX, MathML, Human Readable TeX for the blinds, PDF, as well as MS Word document. If InftyReader is installed in your PC, you can input texts and math expressions from printed document via scanner into InftyEditor directly.
For more information about InftyEditor and download, please visit the web site of InftyProject.

3. Organization and Inquiry

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