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ChattyInfty Ver.3 series is an authoring tool of Multimedia Daisy and accessible EPUB3.

ChattyInfty Ver.3.23 (May 12
, 2019) --- Download

Main features
  • ChattyInfty3 is developed in the base of ChattyInfty2 below.
  • Adding to the main functions of ChattyInfty2, it has the following new features.
  • It has an easy and intuitive userinterface to edit the headding structure of documents (Chapters, sections, subsections),
  • Edited results can be saved as
    • DAISY2.02 with voice in SAPI5, math expressions as image
    • DAISY3 (Text Daisy) with math expressions in MathML
    • EPUB3 with voice in SAPI5, math expressions as image
  • Users can controle the reading of the texts and math expressions in different ways in case neccessary.
  • Muliple language support:
    supported languages

For mor details, please read the Manual of ChattyInfty3.


ChattyInfty Ver.2 series is an authoring tool of math documents for the blind.

ChattyInfty Ver.2.29 (May 12, 2019)
--- Download

Main features
  • ChattyInfty is an editor of math documents with voice output, usable by visually impaired people. Math expressions can easily be input and edited using only keyboard, with simultaneous speech output of symbols and math structure with key operations.   
  • The edited results can be saved as LaTeX source, XHTML with MathML, MS Word XML, etc.  
  • The default file format of ChattyInfty is identical with that of InftyEditor.(iml)

ChattyInfty is a mathematical document editor for visually disabled people to read and write scientific documents. It is developed by adding speech output interface to "InftyEditor", using of Microsoft speech API.

Math expressions from secondary education level math to university level math expressions ormore high level math used by mathematicians or scientists to write scientific papers can be read and written by using ChattyInfty.. For more details, please read ChattyInfty_Eng_Manual.doc.

Documents edited by ChattyInfty can be output into various file formats, such as LaTeX, PDF, MathML, HTML and MS Word XML.
To compile the converted LaTeX file and to get PDF file in ChattyInfty, your PC should have a recent compiler of TeX installed together with several related software. You can download a fully automatic installer kit of LaTeX package with related software usable in ChattyInfty from:

> The LaTeX software page of InftyProject.

Additionally, if you have installed InftyReader Version 2.6.0 or newer in your PC, you can import the recognition results of scanned images of scientific documents including math directly in the environment of ChattyInfty. Thus, combining

Scanner + InftyReader + ChattyInfty,

any blind people can read directly printed scientific documents including math.


ChattyInfty Ver.3.23 (May 12, 2019)

Normal version: (about 96MB)
Trial use: Freely usable for 30 days in total.
From the version 3.05, the software package of one year license is the same as the normal license package.

ChattyInfty Ver.2.29 (May 12, 2018)

Normal version: (about 16MB)
Trial use: Freely usable for 30 days in total.
From the version 2.27, the software package of one year license is the same as the normal license package.

Added new function --- "Export to MS Word XML".
The conversion results from the edited results by ChattyInfty can edited by MS Word 2007 or newer, including Math expressions.

Users of the screen reader "JAWS"should read "For-JAWS-Users.txt" before using ChattyInfty.

Speech API

To use ChattyInfty, Microsoft speech API version 5 (SAPI5) should be installed in your PC..

Microsoft Speech API, Ver. 5 may be already installed in your PC if you are a user of popular screen readers.
If not, please visit the web site:

and download SpeechSDK51.exe (68.0 MB).

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