ChattyBooks (for English)

- New type of EPUB / DAISY Player -

1. Outline of the software

ChattyBooks is a new type of EPUB3 / Multimadia Daisy Player usable on Windows 10. It converts Multimedia Daisy 2.02 or EPUB3 books into audio-embedded HTML5 with JavaScript, called "ChattyBook". It accepts also text files written with Markdown notations (“.md” files).
ChattyBook can be played with various browsers, such as Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edgge and Internet Explorer. It works completely the same way as usual Multimedia DAISY.

Screen shot of ChattyBook

Capture image of ChattyBook(Click here to get an enlarged vew.)

2. Download (Ver.2.05 beta3)

ChattyBooksE205beta3_Setup (About 230MB) --- April 10, 2020. new 

3. How to use it?

1. From DAISY / EPUB / Markdown Text to ChattyBooks.

If a DAISY / EPUB3 / Markdown Text book is dropped on the ChattyBooks icon or in the ChattyBooks main window, it is converted automatically into HTML5 book (a ChattyBook) with audio and JavaScript, and it is listed on the main window (bookcase) of ChattyBooks. When double-clicking a title on the ChattyBook, a browser displays it as an audio book behaving same way as a Multimedia Daisy, namely the reading texts are high-lighted synchronizing with the reading voice. In the default setting, the browser to open ChattyBook is Google Chrome if it is installed on the user's PC. If Google Chrome is not installed, Internet Explorer will be used to open the ChattyBook.

ChattyBooks concept(Click here to get an enlarged vew.)

2. How to get the HTML5 file of a ChattyBook?

The ChattyBook (audio book of HTML5 +Javascript) put into the bookshelf (main window) of ChattyBooks is actually stored in the "My ChattyBooks" folder in the "My Documents" folder of the user. By right cliking of the book icon in the bookshelf, you can directly open the ChattyBook folder in the "My ChattyBooks" folder. If you copy the ChattyBook folder to a web server and set the link to the index.html in the ChattyBook folder, the book can be opend with any browser.

3. Environment.

ChattyBooks Ver.2.05 is usable on Windows 10 and 11 (64bit / 32bit).

To use ChattyBooks English edition, Microsoft speech API version 5 (SAPI5) should be installed in your PC. If SAPI5 is not installed in you PC, please see here to use it.

4. Contact.

If you have any question about ChattyBooks, please contact:

NPO Science Accessibility Net Office
E-mail: office[at] (please replace "[at]" by the at-mark.)