InftyReader LITE

InftyReader LITE is a lite package of Infty Reader available with reduced price.

E-born PDF is the PDF produced by authoring tools such as LaTeX system, MS Word, Adobe InDesign, etc. The PDF produced form image files are called Image PDF. The LITE version of InftyReader do not accept Imaeg PDF.

InftyReader LITE is based on PDF parser rather than OCR, so the character recognition results are very accurate, not only ordinary texts but also math symboles.

InftyReader Lite Ver.1.0.0 beta16 (June 21, 2020) (English Edition, about 115MB) -------- June. 21, 2020 new

This is a trial beta version freely usable until September 30, 2020.

InftyreaderLITE is a subset of InftyReader Standard version. All its functions are included in the standard version..


1. Please note that InftyReaderLITE runs only on Windows 10 and is usable on a PC connected to internet.

2. Please avoid to use the file names and the path names including NON-ASCII characters as the input file for InftyReaderLite..

3. About PDF with JPEG2000 images.

Please note that InftyReader cannot process PDF including jpeg2000 images properly. If you have such PDF, you can change the jpeg2000 images in the PDF using Adobe PDF print. Please see: "How to convert jpeg2000 images in PDF to classic jpeg?".


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