InftyReader LITE

InftyReader LITE is a lite package of Infty Reader available with reduced price.

E-born PDF is the PDF produced by authoring tools such as LaTeX system, MS Word, Adobe InDesign, etc. The PDF produced form image files are called Image PDF. The LITE version of InftyReader do not accept Imaeg PDF.

InftyReader LITE is based on PDF parser rather than OCR, so the character recognition results are very accurate, not only ordinary texts but also math symboles.

InftyReader Lite Ver.1.0.0 beta4 (Dec. 1st, 2019) (English Edition, about 115MB) -------- Dec. 1st, 2019 new

This is a trial beta version freely usable until Dec. 15, 2019.


If you have aany question about InftyReader LITE, please contact:

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E-mail: office [AT] mail. sciaccess. net (Please change [AT] by "@" mark and remove the spaces).

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