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Nonprofit organization--Science Accessibility Net
A support network of the accessibility of scientific information for visually impaired people
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sAccessNet serves digitization work of scientific documents with low price, high quality and quick, using InftyReader, InftyEditor and other software, as well as a high-speed scanner. This service to foreign country is limited to people with visual disability or organisation/person to help them. 

1. Digitization into braille.

Currently, this survice is limited to Japanese braille.

2. Digitization to other formats.

sAccessNet provides the digitization service into various formats. Currently the following notations are available.

  1. LaTeX source,
  2. XHTML using MathML for math expressions
  3. PDF with hidden text (for math expressions are embedded in LaTeX or MathML notation, by users choice).
  4. HR-TeX , this is a special notetion easy to "read", using simplified TeX, for the blinds.

3. Language

At the current stage, the languages of the texts are limited to English, French, German.

4. Price

For visually impaired people, the current price of this service is 2.00USD per page, in principle, in the case of English text. In the cases of other languages, the price will be 3.00USD. The prices include : scanning, recognition using InftyReader and manual correction of all the pages. Please be aware that the price varies with the quality of the print of the documents and the average number of characters per page.. No hand written manuscripts will be accepted.

5. Caution

In Japan, the transcription of books into braill, including in digital form, without any permission of author/publisher is allowd by Low. However, for other formats, user have to get the permission of the publisher or the author(s) of the book him/her-self, depending on the copyright low of his/her country. sAccessNet cannot deputize those affiars.

To get the digitization service, please contact us : office 'at'  (please replace 'a' by the @ mark).


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